117a - Hallel

  • Rav Ezra Bick


            This week's shiur will be a bit different than the usual. If you look at the daf we are learning (117a), you will notice that there is only one Tosafot, and not a lot of Rashi or Rashbam either. The reason is that the daf is mostly aggada - non-halakhic material. The gemara is discussing the origin of the Hallel prayer. It is not that there is not what to discuss on a daf like this, it is just that the regular halakhic analysis does not apply. What holds for Tosafot applies to me as well - I do not have much to add to the reading of the daf. Therefore - I am not sending a shiur this week.


            Instead, I am sending the Schottenstein edition of the translation for this page. This translation is a commented translation - it translates and explains as it moves along. I hope that this will aid anyone who has trouble with the original text. It also includes notes which add some additional points.

(This basically is an unpaid ad for the Schottenstein edition.)


            The translation is in a 580k PDF file. It is posted on the website (addresses below). It will obviously take longer to download than the usual shiur, but I believe that the patience will be worth it.


            The webpage also includes, as usual, a scan of the original daf itself. The Rashbam to this daf is misprinted on 116b instead of 117a, so a scan of that is included as well, together with a typed version of the Hebrew text. There is no accompanying English translation this week, as I am relying on the scan of the Schottenstein translation.


            So, basically, this week you are receiving homework. Enjoy! 




Webpage - http://www.gush.net/talmud/17.htm

            (includes the PDF file).