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Intro to Issurei Hana'a – (Masekhet Pesachim Second Perek)

  • Rav Ezra Bick
To all subscribers,
This week we completed our learning in Masekhet Gittin. In the summer months, we will be learning Masekhet Pesachim.
We will be learning the sugyot in the second perek (beginning on 21b) that deal with the concept of issurei hana'a, foods that are not only forbidden to be eaten, but even to benefit in any way (such as meat-milk). This section forms an independent unit in the Masekhet, and we hope to complete the unit, which more or less encompasses the topic completely, during the summer.
This is also an opportunity for those who were not learning Gittin with us this year to join now, starting a new Masekhet, and engage in learning gemara on the highest level, with the weekly shiur from the VBM.
The shiurim will be given by Rav Ezra Bick.
Marei mekomot for the first shiur, which will be given starting next week, are attached.
If you are not already subscribed to the gemara shiur, you can join on the website:
In the next shiur we begin the topic of issurei hana'a. You should prepare the gemara from 21b, "Amar Chezkia" to 22a, "Chulin shenishatu ba'azara lav d'oraita he". The immediate question is what is the source for declaring something assur b'hana'a, since this is never explicit in the Torah. The second-level, and not less important, question is what is the nature of a hana'a prohibition, given the derivations proposed by the gemara, and what is the relationship between issur hana'a and issur achila.
Rambam: Ma'akhalot Assurot 8:15-16; 9:1; Chametz U-Matza 1:2 Rambam: Sefer HaMitzvot, lav 186,187 (very important)
Rambam: Commentary to the Mishna, Kritut, 4:3