The Meaning of Chanuka
Teacher Title Abstract
שיעורי טקסט Rav Moshe Taragin Expressions of Pirsumei Nissa We have previously discussed the berakha of she-assa nissim ( recited when lighting the Chanuka candles, and we used that berakha to evaluate if there is a second layer to the mitzva of hadlakat nerot. In this shiur, we will examine additional indications that this mitzva is indeed multi-layered.
שיעורי טקסט Rav Itamar Eldar Chassidic Teachings on Chanuka: Is the Mitzva Kindling the Lights or Setting Them Down
שיעורי טקסט Harav Aharon Lichtenstein Chanuka - The Menora and the War The joy of Chanuka focuses on two miracles: the miracle of the menora and the miracle of the war. These two elements would seem, at first glance, to contradict one another.
שיעורי טקסט Harav Yaakov Medan "They, Too, Were Part of the Miracle" The women were an integral part of the rebellion, the victory, and the salvation. They are obligated concerning the lighting of Chanuka candles, for they, too, were actively involved in that miracle.
שיעורי טקסט Rav Shlomo Levy "One and Seven" Should we start with eight lights, and light one less each day of Chanuka such that on the last night we light only one, or should we light one single flame on the first night and add one more each night?
שיעורי טקסט Harav Aharon Lichtenstein Religious Faith and Art At first glance, the question of the Torah's attitude toward art seems to have no basis: religious faith is a set of contents, views and imperatives, associated with one’s subjective intention, whereas art is the work of the artist, driven by his ability and talent.
שיעורי טקסט Rav Ezra Bick The Jar of Oil and the Future of the Jewish People Is Modiin of the Maccabees near the contemporary city called Modiin? Many theories have been advanced, and a close study of the Mishna can help us answer this question.
שיעורי טקסט Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein Chanuka Candles and the Menora in the Mikdash A comparison of the Chanuka candles to the menora in the Mikdash sheds light not only on the dual nature of the mitzva of lighting but on the dual nature of Chanuka.
שיעורי טקסט Rav Yehuda Shaviv On Zeal and Baseless Hatred The lighting of the menora in the Beit Ha-Mikdash was always accompanied by miracles. Why, then, did Chazal deem the miracle of the cruse of oil worthy of special commemoration? And how did the period of the Chashmonaim, which began with such zeal for Torah, reach such an unfortunate end?
שיעורי טקסט Rav Yitzchak Etshalom A final stanza to the piyyut "Maoz Tzur" which adds praise to Hashem for the modern miracle which we have all witnessed -
שיעורי טקסט Harav Aharon Lichtenstein Chanuka: Restoration and Innovation The miracle of Chanuka catalyzed a most significant growth spurt, on an unprecedented scale, within Judaism – in terms of development of the Oral Law, in terms of rabbinic exegesis, and in term of legislation.