Rav Yaacov Francus
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Rav Yaacov Francus Hallel on the Night of Pesach The "Hallel" that we say during the Pesach Seder has two unique characteristics: First, it is said at night, even though the mishna in Megilla (20b) lists Hallel as something that is recited during the day. Second, we break it up into two parts - we recite the first part of Hallel right before we drink the second cup of wine, and the rest after the meal before drinking the fourth cup. Halakhot of Pesach
Rav Yaacov Francus Shiur #15: Kiddushei Shtar What is the status of a shtar kiddushin? Masekhtot - Iyun
Rav Yaacov Francus Migo In this shiur we will discuss two different halakhic concepts: 'Ma li leshaker' and 'Migo.' Both are arguments that are utilized in halakha to determine the reliability of a claim that a person can make in court. Masekhtot - Iyun
Rav Yaacov Francus Pidyon Ha-ben Pidyon Topics in Halakha