מרצה Title תקציר סידרה
Rav Binyamin Tabory Selling Chametz and Circumventing Mitzvot In this shiur, we will address the effectiveness of selling chametz in overcoming the prohibition of bal yera'eh and bal yimatze (owning chametz on Pesach). Halakhot of Pesach
Rav David Brofsky The Laws of Pesach: Kitniyot The laws of chametz are far stricter than the ordinary laws of kashrut. Halakhot of Pesach
Rav Binyamin Tabory Chametz on Erev Pesach The gemara in Pesachim records a machloket between R. Yehuda and R. Shimon regarding the existence of a prohibition to eat chametz on the afternoon of erev Pesach. In this shiur, we examine how different Rishonim understood this machloket and how they accordingly understood related gemarot. Holiday Packages
Rav Shimon Klein Questions on the Night of the Seder In this study we shall examine sources from the Mishna, the Talmud, and the Haggada, and consider Chazal's attitude toward the posing of questions. We shall seek out their meaning and purpose, and try to understand their role on the night of the Seder and in the learning process in general. Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein The Young Moshe Who is the Moshe who flees from Pharaoh and who is he who is called upon at the burning bush to deliver the nation of Israel? Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading
Rav David Horwitz Az Yashir: Human Song of Victory or Divine Song of Joy Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #25: Shir Ha-Shirim, A Retrospective After considering the many themes and elements of the text, we look back at the significance Shir Ha-Shirim has held for Jewish people and the world through the generations. Shir HaShirim
Harav Yaakov Medan Detzakh, Adash, Be’achav What is the significance of R. Yehuda's famous mnemonic of the ten plagues, Detzach, Adash, Be'achav? In this shiur, we will demonstrate how the warning issued before each of these three sets of plagues indicates the goal of the set. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Aharon Lichtenstein "What is This Service to You?" The Torah describes the question that children will one day ask their parents after settling in the Land of Israel: "What is this service to you?" By understanding this question and the answer prescribed by the Torah, we can learn the appropriate response to similar questions in our own day and age. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yaakov Medan The Four Sons One of the most familiar sections of the Pesach Haggada is the account of the four sons: The Meaning of the Seder Night
Rav David Silverberg S.A.L.T. - Erev Pesach 5776 - 2016 Erev Pesach 5776 - 2016
Rav David Silverberg S.A.L.T. - Chol HaMoed Pesach 5776 - Acharei Mot - 2016
Rav David Silverberg S.A.L.T. - Pesach 5779 / 2019 Chag kasher ve-sameach.
Rav David Silverberg S.A.L.T – PESACH 2015/5775
Rav David Silverberg SALT - Tuesday 18 Nisan 5776, Omer 3 - April 26, 2016 Sefirat HaOmer
Rav David Silverberg SALT - Monday 17 Nisan 5776, Omer 2 - April 25, 2016 Pesach