Torat Chessed: A Bibliography of Harav Aharon's Writings, English and Hebrew

  • Harav Aharon Lichtenstein


The first edition of Harav Lichtenstein’s bibliography was published by Rav Nathaniel Helfgot in Tradition, volume 25:2 (Winter, 1990), pp. 58-65.
The second edition was updated by Dr. Aviad Hacohen in 1994 and published in Alon Shevut – Bogrim, volume 3 (Tamuz 5754), pp. 135-45.
The current edition, prepared by Rav Dov Karoll and presented initially to Harav Lichtenstein on his seventy-fifth birthday (Yom Yerushalayim, 5768), has been updated to include the myriad of subsequent publications, both in print and on the Internet, as well as a series of cross-references between the respective sources and was published in Alei Etzion, volume 16, in 2009 (5769), in a special edition in honor of Harav Lichtenstein. This online version of the bibliography was last updated on 14 Shevat 5779, January 20, 2019.
Asterisks indicate articles that were written by others, based on Harav Lichtenstein’s shiurim or sichot. 250 items are articles (or translations of articles) written by Harav Lichtenstein himself, with an additional 927 entries that are adaptations by his students. Items written by Harav Lichtenstein himself appear at the beginning of each category.
Note that a small number of links point to websites where a login and/or subscription is required to access the article.
This bibliography references only written materials.  Audio shiurim and sichot by Harav Lichtenstein can be found on the VBM's audio archives and at YUTorah Online.
Please address corrections or additional sources to [email protected].
The writings are organized according to the following categories:
‏א. ספרים – Books
‏ב. זרעים – Seder Zera’im
‏ג. מועד – Seder Mo’ed
‏ד. נשים – Seder Nashim
‏ה. נזיקין – Seder Nezikin
‏ו. קדשים – Seder Kadashim
‏ז. טהרות – Seder Taharot
‏ח. שמיטה – Shemitta
‏ט. חיי משפחה, מעמד האשה וחברה מעורבת – Family Life, Women’s Status and Intergender Relations
‏י. מוסר והלכה – Morality and Halakha
‏יא. מחשבה והשקפה – Philosophy and Jewish Thought
‏יב. תלמוד תורה –Torah Study
‏יג. תשובה – Repentance
‏יד. יהדות וחכמה/תרבות – Torah and General Culture/Knowledge
‏טו. בין ישראל לעמים, גירות – Jews and Gentiles, Conversion
‏טז. יחסים בין יהודים – Relationships between Jews
‏יז. ציונות דתית, מדינת ישראל וצה"ל – Religious Zionism, State of Israel, Israel Defense Forces
‏יח. אירועי ובעיות זמננו בארץ – Contemporary Issues and Current Events, Israel
‏יט. יהדות אורתודוקסית בתפוצה – Diaspora Orthodoxy
‏כ. בראשית – Bereishit
‏כא.  שמות – Shemot
‏כב.ויקרא – Vayikra
‏כג. במדבר - Bemidbar
‏כד. דברים – Devarim
‏כה.ימים נוראים וסוכות – High Holidays and Sukkot
‏‏כו. חנוכה – Chanukka
‏כז. עשרה בטבת ויום השואה – Asara Be-Tevet and Yom Ha-Shoah
‏כח. תענית אסתר ופורים – Ta’anit Esther and Purim
‏כט. פסח – Pesach
‏ל. יום העצמאות – Yom Ha-Atzma’ut
‏לא. יום ירושלים – Yom Yerushalayim
‏לב. שבועות – Shavu’ot
‏לג. שבעה עשר בתמוז ותשעה באב – Shiva Asar Be-Tammuz and Tisha Be-Av
‏לד. דברי הספד וזיכרון – Eulogies and Memorial Articles
‏לה. מחשבת וחיי הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק ז"ל – The Rav z”l
‏לו. ישיבת הר עציון - Yeshivat Har Etzion
‏לז. לשון וספרות – Language and literature
‏לח. שונות - Miscellaneous

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